Esgee Technologies

Esgee Technologies develops software products and provides consulting services for the modeling and simulation of a variety of engineering problems. Our core expertise includes fluid mechanics, combustion, multi-phase flows, gas phase and surface chemistry, and particle dynamics, among other areas of specialization in the multiphysics domain. We have experience in working on problems relevant to the Oil and Gas industry, including the simulation of complex internal flow phenomena in valves and piping structures, multiphase flows including solid particle, liquid, and gas mixtures, combusting flows such as pool fires and fires in internal spaces. Esgee’s past and current project portfolio include working with clients on short, rapid turnaround projects involving time-critical design and analysis of engineering systems and longer term simulation-based analysis of next generation concepts and designs.


ASI Oil Tools

North America’s supplier of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) parts as well as other tools for oil and gas directional drilling. MWD products, such as the drill pipe screens, mule shoes, centralizers, inner and outer rings, and fishing necks are precision made with high quality and with high strength stainless steel. Parts are designed and built to hold up under even the most difficult on-site drilling conditions. Customers include Fortune 500 companies.

ASI Oil Tools can produce high quality, complex parts from prototypes or drawings from any material in a timely manner.