Houston, TX – Mr. Alagarsamy Sundararajan, Chairman & CTO of SRI Energy, was recently selected as one of the finalists for the exclusive 2019 World Oil Lifetime Achievement Award.

Throughout his career Mr. Sundararajan has been issued more than 25 worldwide patents for various designs of sealing mechanisms for valves, choke, well intervention, critical metal to metal sealing technology as well as other related oilfield products. His innovations, commonly recognized as the best-in-class in the industry, have been in use for nearly 35 years and have impacted the methods and history of High Pressure, High Temperature operations worldwide in both offshore and onshore projects.

Among the patented designs are shear valve to cut coil tubing and drill pipe (meeting Norsok specification), lightweight flow head, compact subsea intervention solutions, and high pressure 20,000 PSI wellheads with resilient high-pressure metal-to-metal seal.  He has also delivered industry’s first fully certified 20K subsea valve and actuator.

Reliability, manufacturability and efficiency has been paramount in Mr. Sundararajan’s work. His designs have increased the operational capabilities of production teams due to less downtime, increasing the efficiency of operating parts.

As Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of SRI Energy, Mr. Sundararajan continues to work on new developments in offshore and onshore pressure-related applications, imparting a lifetime of wisdom and leadership to each customer, employee and project.