subsea-dual-block2Houston, Texas — SRI Energy has successfully qualified its SUPRAM™ line of products for subsea and surface use.  The qualifications include API 17D, API 6A PR2 (20th ed.) and follow the guideline for ultra-high pressure and high temperature from API 17TR8.

SUPRAM™ SUBSEA Fail Safe valve finished more than 1400 cycles, with a test pressure at 20,000PSI.  Of these cycles, 615 were performed at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas in a hyperbaric chamber with a simulated water depth of 13,470ft.  This marks a milestone for the industry as the first gate valve to successfully perform at this pressure and water depth.

The SUPRAM™ Fail Safe actuator and SUPRAM™ valve have both successfully finished PR2 validation testing at 0°F to 180°F and -20°F to 350°F, respectively.


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