Sustainably Powering Our Future

The SRI Energy team strives to be a part of the global sustainable energy narrative. Through a combination of innovative technology, corporate culture, and personal responsibility, we aim to lead by example as our industry adapts to a sustainably powered future.

Innovative Technology

Global demand for net-zero innovation impacts every industry, especially oil & gas. As thought leaders in this field, we are proud to introduce our EcoGen™ line of products supporting carbon capture and geothermal energy initiatives. We also aim to support clean energy programs that lower CO2 emissions, including hydrogen, solar, wind, and nuclear energy.

Corporate Culture

We work to instill green thinking into all facets of our business. For example, each time a new customer visits one of our manufacturing facilities, they participate in a short tree-planting ceremony. Our shops and offices now use energy-efficient lighting and automated switches. We are transitioning our facilities to use renewable energy sources through a phased approach. On the vendor side, we use suppliers who share these beliefs and actively pursue eco-responsible initiatives.

Personal Responsibility

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” We believe that transformative change starts with each of us in our daily routines. When we take personal responsibility, we own our decisions and make them based on integrity over individual gain. Therefore, personal responsibility is the foundation of the trust we work to build with our customers, vendors, and colleagues.

Geothermal Drilling

The Geothermal Industry has settled in as an attractive use of clean energy. At SRI, we acknowledge the prominence that geothermal energy has on the world’s energy demand. Such projects require specific machinery that can cope with high temperatures and pressure.

SRI Energy has years of innovation experience in high-temperature / high-pressure applications, evidenced by our numerous products developed and successfully deployed for the oil & gas industry. SRI is applying the same level of resourcefulness in supporting geothermal drilling and energy generation.

Our EcoGen™ Smart Control System enables power plants to safely manage and monitor instruments and parameters while generating signal alarms when unsafe criteria are met during power generation.

Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture & Storage is an essential technology crucial to paving the way toward a green future and an emissions-free environment.

CO2 emissions are a byproduct of many industrial processes, including those in the energy sector. Emerging technology allows us to capture these gases before they are released and pump them back into the ground, using pockets such as saline (non-drinkable) aquifers, salt beds, or depleted oil reservoirs to safely and permanently isolate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

SRI Energy products are fully compatible with carbon capture technology.